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Register now and get ready for a Challange with a wide variety of Vintage Aircraft.Or our Cargo Flights in our New Cargo Operations Center, better yet we now also offer Campaigns. Or if you really like a challange, then Check out our New Military Special OPS Division utilizing the Famous E2C-Hawkeye A.E.W. under the Squadron VAW 121st. We offer also in the Mission Operations center a chance for Our members to submit a route they want, not just what we put in there, along with of course our Route Request Form. We offer a wide variety of Resources, and our continuing everyday to either upgrade them or add to them. We'd like to thank you for considering Us at Transload Virtual Airlines Feel free also to contact us at

Up to date schedules
We frequently update our schedules/missins to match the real world so you don't miss out on any of the realism! From our Cargo Operations, To our Mission operations, and of course our New Special Operations Division. Check it out for yourself, and start enjoying what PHPVMS should really be like today !
Flight Tracking
Our ACARS system will keep the minute details recorded just like our real world counterparts! Our system is 100% Customized from the gound up. Our Maps, our Trackers, are all new and with a modern look and speed. We offer well over 7 Live Flight Boards here. Download the Client you want, From CCTracker, kACARS, to cACARS, and of course SmartCARS. All 4 are your choice. Sorry,but Acrobatics in Military Aircraft do NOT work with SmartCars. So keep that in mind please. Most, if not all of our OPS require the use of cACARS, which is flawless for this Site.
Flight Academy
Even if your just a beginner to virtual flying, our comprehensive flight instructors will help you fly like a professional real world pilot! There are several Real World Military Pilots here, in fact the Owner is one who is of course retired now. So if you want to venture into a World of tactical military logistics, this is the place.
Carrier Traps
Carrier Traps are now a Reality with not only TAC-PAC, but our Airlines Operations MGR., has now given members the oppurtunity to Fly Carrier Traps without TAC-PAC, as he has developed a stand alone Aircraft Carrier you can now practice landing on. So you don't need TAC-PAC for Carrier Traps now. We do Highly Recommend TAC-PAC, however this has not yet been updated by VRS as of yet for P3D v5 and v6. From Helo's, to Our customized Hawkeye, practice makes perfect !
Team Multiplayer
A lot is done through Multiplayer such as training, Carrier traps, Formation flying, Missions, and much more. There are now today, Sim platforms that make this very easy, and yes P3D is to date the easiest. We also use Unifly now, which is the actual replacement for JoinFS, however JoinFS is still functional to date. We keep an eye on JoinFS and let you know when it actually is going to get shut down.
About Heritage
In closing, Many of you will remember our main stay for Aircraft was Vintage Airplanes, well it still is. Long hauls are here yes,but we do Concentrate on our Short Hauls more so then the long hauls. We love the chance to run around between different airports quickly. Don't forget To check out our info Centers, we will be and will continue to Update this area Often, and it is open to the General Public Now. Thanks.
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