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METAR General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport
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Sunday 14th of April 2024 04:35:57 AM

United States - ATN703-Ron Chief Executive Officer

United Kingdom - TVA565-Dean European CEO

United States - TWE020-Neil Senior Commercial Captain

United States - GTI003-Mike Chief Operations Officer

United States - TVA758-Dan Senior Commercial Captain

Flight Pilot Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration V/S Status
TVM19BNeil BonnerKRIVKNKXC130 HERCULE00.20-171 ft/mAccepted
TVM19ANeil BonnerKNKXKRIVC130 HERCULE00.21-105 ft/mAccepted
TVC11231Ron BatchelorFAGGFMMI767-338(ER)(BDSF)03.19-354 ft/mAccepted
TVC11230Ron BatchelorLFSDLSZH350I00.54-102 ft/mAccepted
TVC11228Ron BatchelorEGAAEHAMA320-20001.12-147 ft/mAccepted
TVC11227Ron BatchelorLERTLXGB350I00.25-111 ft/mAccepted
TVC11226Ron BatchelorKERIKIAG350I00.35-65 ft/mAccepted
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Reserved Aircraft (auto scroll on)
Aircraft/Reg. Gate-Confirmed Airline Logo
350I - NP350I Gate: P26
Confirmation: D41D8C
Aircraft/Reg. Gate-Confirmed Airline Logo
747-800 - N748CD Gate: T10
Confirmation: D41D8C
Aircraft/Reg. Gate-Confirmed Airline Logo
340-B SAAB - NH340B Gate: L6
Confirmation: D41D8C
Aircraft/Reg. Gate-Confirmed Airline Logo
737-990(ER) - N413AS Gate: A16
Confirmation: D41D8C
Reservations as of Apr-Sun-2024

Military Installations Tour

Posted on 03/25/2024

New Military Installations Tour is now available. This is part 1 of 2. Tours can be found

Thank you pilots for your understanding, we have been working on the Tour Center for about 4 weeks when we were made aware of the issues, hence it is now fixed and up and running. We will now be putting in a lot of different Tour Campaigns etc. here. Also Awards will be issued for any Tour Completed here along with a bonus also. Thank you again, "The Staff"