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Flight/Route: TCCBRT105

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Jim Lyman(view profile) »»»

Departure Airport: New River Marine Corps Air Station (KNCA)
Arrival Airport: Cherry Point Marine Corps Air Station (KNKT)
Aircraft: BRITTEN-NORMAN BN2 (N553A)
Flight Time: 00.23.53
Date Submitted: 01/03/2023

Status: Accepted
Flight Revenue Details
Gross Revenue:
(9 load / $ 104.98 per unit
$ 944.82
Fuel Cost:
(39 fuel used @ 0.54 / unit)
$ 21.06

Expenses for catering, cleaning, etc.

$ 201.88
Pilot Pay $ 364.99
Total Revenue for flight: $ 636.88

Additional Flight Details
  • Pilot Notes: -

Additional Log Details

[22:14z] Recording started...
[22:14z] Flight Status: Boarding at KNCA
[22:14z] User Aircraft: Islander 03
[22:16z] Engine 1 started
[22:16z] Engine 2 started
[22:17z] Flaps 1 at 29 ft MSL with 0KIAS
[22:18z] Flight Status: Taxi to Runway
[22:20z] Takeoff at 86KIAS
[22:21z] Flaps 0 at 55 ft MSL with 89KIAS
[22:23z] Flight Status: Cruise
[22:33z] Flaps 1 at 1757 ft MSL with 132KIAS
[22:34z] Flight Status: Descending
[22:34z] Flight Status: On Approach
[22:35z] Landed with a vertical speed of -154 ft/m
[22:36z] Flaps 0 at 32 ft MSL with 7KIAS
[22:38z] Engine 1 stopped
[22:38z] Flight Status: Arrived
[22:38z] Engine 2 stopped
[22:38z] Flight Status: Arrived
[22:38z] Recording stopped...
[22:38z] Max. Simrate: 1x
[22:38z] cACARS Version: 1.03


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Jim Lyman Testing form control with the new bootstrap4 system, looks great here for sure, we are still working on things in the back of the house however, we will keep all informed and post results soon, thank you members and happy flying !

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