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Flight/Route: TCCZQZ37

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Jim Lyman(view profile) »»»

Departure Airport: Andrews Air Force Base (KADW)
Arrival Airport: Baltimore Washington International Airport (KBWI)
Aircraft: C340 (N340NA)
Flight Time: 00.20.56
Date Submitted: 01/28/2023

Status: Accepted
Flight Revenue Details
Gross Revenue:
(6 load / $ 104.98 per unit
$ 629.88
Fuel Cost:
(55 fuel used @ 0.54 / unit)
$ 29.70

Expenses for catering, cleaning, etc.

$ 201.88
Pilot Pay $ 364.99
Total Revenue for flight: $ 323.82

Additional Flight Details
  • Pilot Notes: -

Additional Log Details

[19:15z] Recording started...
[19:15z] Flight Status: Boarding at KADW
[19:15z] User Aircraft: C340 II RED
[19:16z] Engine 1 started
[19:16z] Engine 2 started
[19:17z] Flaps 1 at 284 ft MSL with 0KIAS
[19:17z] Flight Status: Taxi to Runway
[19:20z] Takeoff at 97KIAS
[19:20z] Flaps 0 at 315 ft MSL with 107KIAS
[19:20z] Gear Up at 356 ft MSL with 117KIAS
[19:21z] Flight Status: Climbing
[19:22z] Flight Status: Cruise
[19:31z] Gear Down at 2206 ft MSL with 137KIAS
[19:31z] Flight Status: Final Approach
[19:32z] Flaps 1 at 1439 ft MSL with 122KIAS
[19:34z] Landed with a vertical speed of -186 ft/m
[19:34z] Flaps 0 at 150 ft MSL with 7KIAS
[19:35z] Engine 1 stopped
[19:35z] Flight Status: Arrived
[19:35z] Engine 2 stopped
[19:36z] Flight Status: Arrived
[19:36z] Recording stopped...
[19:36z] Max. Simrate: 1x
[19:36z] cACARS Version: 1.03

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